Saturday, April 27, 2019

If you are proud of ur job as a yahoo boy , report yourself to the nearest police station_Dolapo Badmus dares internet fraudsters

CSP Dolapo Badmus has stated that Yahoo boys who think they are bold enough as displayed on social media should report to the nearest police station.
According to her, people should be proud of the job they do. She stated this in a post she shared on her IG page, She wrote:
“Total war against internet fraud and fraudsters!!! If you are bold enough as Yahoo messenger? (Yahoo Yahoo) report yourself to the nearest police station! A job you can’t boldly come out to defend, continue to hide behind keypads but be rest assured anyday, anytime the law catches up with you…you will be served beans in prison! Illegality will not overrun our dear nation! ?? All Yahoo messengers, their family and solicitors should take note..#protectiveservice #irejectyahoobusiness #istandagainstyahooyahoo.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Parrot arrested for alerting drug dealers police were coming

A parrot has been arrested for alerting drug dealers that the police were coming, following a raid in northern Brazil.

The Parrot which was arrested after it alerted ‘drug dealers’ that the police were coming, was shouting “Mummy, police” as soon as security operatives arrived at a house in the Vila Irma Dulce neighbourhood of the city of Teresina. The green-feathered bird which was taken into custody where he was photographed perched inside a chicken-wire cage, before being transferred to Teresina Zoo, was owned by a drug dealer nicknamed “India” who had been arrested twice for drug trafficking in the past.

“He must have been trained for that,” said one officer involved in the operation. “As soon as police got close he began shouting.” “Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing,” said local vet Alexandre Clark.

Footage of the raid’s aftermath aired by R7 showed police cataloguing small bags of crack, while the parrot sits obediently on a countertop next to a racecar helmet and a glass bottle. Husband of the drug dealer who owns the bird was identified only as Edvan, 30, and he was arrested after crack cocaine was found in the house during the raid. The couple’s 16-year-old daughter who was found with cannabis in her underwear, was released with a warning according to Brazilian TV station Glob


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Singer, simi speaks on snubbing Naira Marley for supporting yahoo boys


Nigerian singer, Simi has reacted to a claim by Naira Marley who stated that she snubbed him when they met at an event simply because of his support for Yahoo boys.

Naira Marley made the claim just days after she discouraged the support for Yahoo boys whom she say are giving the country a bad name abroad.
Naira Marley

Claiming the singer snubbed him at an event, Naira Marley shared,

Simi I don’t Give a fvckAbout your Marriage I saw you and Asked you a question and you were acting up”

Reacting to the claim in an interview with Beat FM, the songstress revealed that she couldn’t recall seeing eye to eye with Marley at the event he claimed she snubbed him.

She also stated that she has nothing against him because they are neither friends nor enemies.


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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Go and write lyrics instead of letter _Naira Marley fires hot shot at Ruggedman

Naira Marley who fired back at Ruggedman in an Instagram live session, told him to go and write lyrics instead of writing letter and novels to him.

Earlier Ruggedman warned Naira Marley not to mislead people with his support for cybercrime, following his post which generated controversy.

Naira Marley had supported yahoo boys (internet fraudsters), who he claimed were carrying our revenge for slave trade in the past.

However Ruggedman who reacted to controversy the post from Naira Marley which supported cybercrime generated, wrote;

@nairamarley My brother, I love your music and all but you need to get one thing clear and do not mislead people. Especially kids on social media. You can do Yahoo all you want, but do not disrespect the part of the black race that were sold into slavery by trying to use it to justify cyber crime. The people who bought slaves died ages ago. If you want to fight that, then start a cause/movement against the British and America.

Who ever owned slaves, but stealing the hard earned money of other people isnt about slavery. You say the Nigerian leaders are looting trillions outta this country, why arent you hacking their accounts and giving back to the people Robin Hood style? I swear I go hail you for that one. But bro respect the black race and dont try to use it to justify cyber crime. E no follow. If it wasnt a crime popo wont be busting boys for it.
Thousands of qualified Nigerians cant get jobs outside Nigeria because of “yahoo”. Their families are suffering.
Young Nigerians are suspect everywhere they go because of “yahoo”. If you want to do it, enjoy. Nobody is stopping you.

But remember that if you do the crime, if you are caught you do the time.
I got friends that are into it, I dont judge.
I got friends who are in jail as we speak for doing it, I dont judge.
All man dey hustle. God bless all our hustles and let’s hold our leaders accountable.

However Naira Marley who fired back at Ruggedman, told him to go and write lyrics instead of writing letter and novels to him.


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Pray for yahoo boys_Naira Marley tells Nigerian

Singer Naira Marley has shared another controversial post in which he urged Nigerians to pray for internet fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo boys.
According to the singer, Yahoo boys are the reason why Nigerians are having some money to spend because they make money circulate and he does not need Yahoo because he is making money from his music.
He said ;
“All you guys, all the money in your pockets, all the money you spend, you think it’s the government that is making the money go round?
You better sit down and pray for yahoo boys. If them stop yahoo, the money would not pass you guys”.
“The money will go like this, from Obasanjo to Tinubu, from Tinubu to Mr Japa, you think me I need Yahoo?
I make money from my music.”



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Reginal Daniels places course on Tunde Ednut over Yahoo issues

Teenage Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, have come for popular social media influencer, Tunde Ednut, over his internet scammers otherwise known as ”Yahoo boy” comment as she place curse on him.
The actress in her reaction asked the social media influencer to stop deleting people’s insult and let them insult him in peace and added that ”may God punish you if you don chop yahoo money.
Post below:


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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Top 10 countries with highest number of scammers in the World

Since the internet age began, the scam world has grown bigger and bigger as many scammers can now sit at the comfort of their homes to target 1000s of unsuspecting victims. Before, scammers go out to meet up with their targets or use other fraudulent ways to scam them of their money and properties. Though this is still a big part of the game in many countries, however the arrival of the internet has changed the game entirely in many countries; for example, Nigeria where their traditional 419 scam has been moved to the internet where they target 1000s of unsuspecting victims within and outside Nigeria. Scamming has become a global problem over the years. The use of the e-commerce systems has been one of the methods used in scamming individuals and businesses across the world off millions of dollars and this is so because, so much money is changing hands over the internet. In this article, I would be talking about the top 10 countries where the risk of being scammed is high.
10. Romania After the fall of communism, Romania slumped to poverty and corruption. Over years Romania has built a reputation over internet scams that have been successful. Scammers have been able to dupe innocent people through online dating, phishing and also sale of non-existence products. Romanian internet scam artists use some tried methods to con you, it’s not always A-list but it always works.
9. Philippines Besides the common romance scams, the Philippines have taken it a notch higher, one of the used schemes is called the familiar face where somebody approaches you and claims you look familiar and in the process, they decide to show you around where later you get robbed. Horse Trading is another way they robe you. You negotiate a price with the driver and during the ride they change shift, where the entrant comes and takes the price almost 10 times the original price.
8. South Africa A report by UJ Centre for Cyber Security has received during the course of 2015 South Africans were the most affected by banking-related fraud. This included phishing, visiting spoofed banking websites or receiving false message notifications of bank withdrawals or deposits though most of these cases were reported in Gauteng province. You may also like to see ten countries with highest crimes.
7. Venezuela Since its economy plunged into recession, there have been massive cases of scamming ranging from online dating to fake government bonds. Currently the street value of greenbacks has soared to 7x the government’s rate of VEF6.3 to the dollar. In 2016 alone the consumer prices rose to 800% and the economy had contracted by 18.6%. This resulted to massive unemployment and also in local stores there were empty shelves. These factors coupled with others led to massive scamming schemes.
6. Indonesia Indonesian scammers are tech savvy where they are able to con people without knowing. Fraud cases have increased since the year 2000; bank customers have been victimized by syndicates with the use of data-capturing devices illegally installed in bank machines.
5. Pakistan Military scams have become so common such that many crime fighting organizations are sending an alert. They are not easy to detect, scammers use high ranking officials and pose as military members on online dating sites and social networks and engage in relationships whose only goal is to use peoples images which they will later use to fool other people. At the moment scammers pose as a soldier, currently deployed in Pakistan and they will find a way to get you to send money to them. Criminals are also installing a virus on your computer where they steal everything in your computer and in the process blackmail you to send them money. Also, Pakistan has world’s most corrupt police force.
4. Brazil Brazil is the hub of scammers. It is been discussed how Brazil scams people by posing as beautiful ladies. Pick-pocketing which was more evident in the 2016 Olympics put a bad picture. There are also cases of express kidnappings which happen around foreign currency exchange banks.
3. China We all know that the Chinese are one of the world leaders in terms of technology and innovations and they have incorporated technology to scamming unsuspecting masses. College Entrance Scam is one method they scam parents by convincing them that the child can get to college with poor results. “I Am Your Husband’s Mistress” Scam is another method where they text husbands’ wives with a link to see images of herself (mistress) with her husband, to which wives quickly enter the link and her phone gets infected with a Trojan virus and they retrieve passwords and images which they use to blackmail the family. Beijing’s Hospital Scalpers is a decade common problem where people earn money by enticing people to obtain medical care at a certain hospital. Initially they tarnish the original hospital’s name and profession hence creating distrust and you will trust them. They will walk you to their clinic of choice and the staff does many unnecessary expensive tests.
2. India It’s impossible to visit India and fail to encounter at least one scam or someone trying to scam you. Pretending not to know the Way to Your Hotel is one scam taxi drivers use to rip you off. They will offer to take you to another hotel where it will be expensive. Importing Gemstones Duty Free is another scam especially in Jaipur area. The scam involves tourists being approached by a gem dealer, who convinces them to buy some worthless gemstones. You will be asked to import them under their duty free allowance, then sell them on to one of his fictitious willing partners in their home country which will be much more money than they originally paid. You also like to see Curious Scandals of Indian Swamis.
1. Nigeria Nigeria is the undisputed champion in this list. In fact, the mention of being a Nigerian to a foreigner on the internet these days rings a scam bell and brings about the need to thread carefully. Nigeria used one play book to dupe unsuspecting people for a long time. I believe everybody have seen this somewhere, whether in email or Facebook messages where they will probably tell you an elaborate fake story about large amounts of money in the central bank or a large amount of inheritance that is difficult for them to access because of their government restrictions or taxes in their country and in the process they ask for your bank details so as to transfer the money to you and in the process they will use your information to steal your funds. This method is becoming old fashioned and many people are already aware of the plot, however many Nigerian scammers are now using online dating plots to get to their victims now. Unlike other scammers from some of the countries on this list who target mostly residents of their countries and travelers who come to their countries, Nigerian scammers tend to target the world at large, using the internet. Many people in Nigeria now believe that scammers in the country are now taking diabolic measures, the use of black magics, to work on their victims into believing anything they say.


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Yahoo boy who bought N125 million houses during his NYSC made a shocking confession

A 30-year-old suspected internet fraudster, Victor Ojionu, who specialized in hacking into credits cards belonging to Nigerian...