Wednesday, January 16, 2019

#10 years challenge leads to 2 years relationship Break up.

While many have been having  good laugh over other people's decade old photos as they see what they were before what they've become,a lady is certainly not finding it funny at all after her joining the trend .

The lady who wrote to love doctor,joro revealed that she had shared her decade old photos to participate in the challenge but would later regret it after her boyfriend saw what she looked like before he met her.

According to her, her boyfriend saw that she was dark it was obvious that she bleached her skin now and because of this,he can no longer continue their two years relationship.

She says her boyfriend sees her now as deceptive and can't go ahead marrying someone who can't stay true to their skin completion .she then goes on to plead with  joro to beg her man not to end their relationship over skin colour .

Read what she wrote below;

Joro heaven will reward you for helping us with our issues...joro I don't know who told me to participate in this 10 yrs challenge .joro my boyfriend saw my picture from 10 yrs ago and told me he is done with me,He said I used to be very dark and now I am fair that I have bleached away my relationship,he is no more interested .

He said am very deceptive that he can't marry a woman who changes colour.joro pls talk to him he is your biggest fan  .yes iam guilty of using bleaching cream over the years but is that enough reason to end a two years relationship?

Emeka pls I love you, don't end it this way...joro see what 10 yrs challenge have caused me...I wish I never had to post that in pains joro pls help me beg him

Sunday, January 13, 2019

See how the Boy Davido Gifted #1m spent the money

Nigerian singer ,Davido ,is popularly known for his act of giving to people ,and recently the musician gifted a young guy the sum of one million naira

The boy that was presented with the sum of 1 million naira by the musician just bought a commercial tricycle Also known as Keke napep 

Davido who shared a photo of the investment wrote ;

Wise investment! Gbe maruwa eh,I think say him go spend the money finish !smart dude .

OAP osi suave who also shared a photo of the new investment called out those who projected fears and failure on the boy given 1million by davido

He wrote;

They said the boy who davido gave 1m to will blow the money in days
They projected their fears and failures on him but baba disappoint una .He invested in a Keke napep and would be able to work his way out of handouts .God pass una.

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