Monday, April 15, 2019

Broda Shaggi calls out president Buhari and VP Osinbajo over killings of youth by the Nigerian Police Force

Instagram Comedian,singer and Actor, Broda Shaggi has taken a more serious stance in his latest post on the social networking site.
Broda Shaggi frowned at the gruesome murders being carried out by the Nigerian Police on innocent Young citizens.

Recently the sad events have slowly become a trend as there have been several reports of the Police harassing the youth which sometimes leads to death blamed on accidental rifle discharge.

In a photo shared by Shaggi, the inscription read ;

He also wrote ;

EVEN THOUGH MY parents don’t want me to do this, To be honest….it is Painful that this keeps happening and nothing is done to these officers…..LIVES OF PEOPLE MEANS NOTHING TO YOU cos they ain’t your kids?……if na even the President, no Wahala but VICE PRESIDENT SIR, you are a good Christian and a Pastor at least that title “Pastor” was used during this last election, I saw the billboards . Our LIVES MATTER. it can be your Turn Tomorrow!!!!!. It can be your turn tomorrow. We are not animals…..It’s getting worse everyday and it’s unbearable….IT CAN BE YOUR TURN TOMORROW. Even the so called POLICE ambassadors are doing great job than the PRESIDENT AND THE VICE PRESIDENT….do the right thing cos it can be your turn tomorrow. @muhammadubuhari @profosinbajo


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